Napf meet write up

Last week was the 2012 NAPF/IPF North American championships in the cayman islands. I’m stranded in the hotel lobby waiting on the cab driver we have a deal with, who is operating on island time, to hopefully pick me up at some point and take me to the airport.
The meet was supposed to start Wednesday. We woke up to distant sounds of screaming. All the power was out and Bev informed me a lady was trapped in the elevator. I rolled out of bed still half mast in my basketball shorts to see. There was a well intentioned man (who looked like he couldn’t dead lift the bar if his mother was trapped underneath it) trying to rip the elevator open with his bare hands. I figured there’s no way in hell that would work but I tried to help him so I didn’t look like a bad person. When that didn’t pan out we just talked to her and calmed her down until hotel maintenance came. Long story short there was an island wide blackout and the meet did not start Wednesday.
Bev lifted on Thursday weighing in at a svelt 148 in the 158 weight class. She went 8 for 9, missing her opening bench bc I jacked her shirt down like I was prepping Joe Cappellino for a bomb out. She hit a PR in the squat with 407 and a PR full meet DL of 391. So proud and ready to see her total something HUGE at Collegiates in the spring.
I lifted the next day, Friday. I opened at 628 on the squat (tripled 630 in training). Felt like I smoked it but will have to review the tape. Went 661 on my second which was the plan. Got all sorts of bent over and missed it. Was pretty pissed bc two lifts into the meet my plan of going 1800 was already shot. Re attempted 661 on my third, kept my chest up better but no dice. Have no idea how I missed such a weight seeing as I squatted 672 at this meet last year and 661 easy just a few months ago at the Arnold. No excuses just wasn’t strong enough or more likely technical enough on the day.
Opened at 424 on the bench. Not as easy as I’d hoped. Red lighted for touching too low. Never happened before. After Bev convinced me not to drown myself in the carribean ocean, I re-attempted it and got it. At this point a PR total was not in the works much less 1800, so mike put 457 on the bar for my third which would have been a PR. Missed it. At this point my back was fried, I had only made 2 out of 6 lifts, and I just wanted to consume burgers and piña coladas on the beach, but nay the meet must go on.
To keep my back fresh, I just went 165-275-385-496 to warm up on the DL and opened at 600. Smoked it. This got my mind right and I was ready to finish the meet strong. Went 644 on my second and it was easy. Was contemplating 672 on my second but I wasn’t confident in my grip and really wanted a PR in something so Bev put 661 in. Got pretty krunk and went out there and pulled it. Didn’t smoke it but also def felt like I had a bit more in me. I was well pleased with the DL considering I fried my back missing two squats. Vidz to follow.
I totaled 1713 which is less than my last three meets but it happens. I won the open 83kg class, junior 83kg class, as well as the best middleweight junior lifter award. Team USA won the open and junior class. That’s how we roll. Lots of impressive lifters particularly Nick Weite going 1015 kilos.
I will start really training again on Friday. I squatted 135 for five sets of five the morning after the meet so I could feel a little less like I’d been hit by a bus. I’ll dabble around Wednesday as well. I won’t compete again until men’s nationals june 2013. The next month will be dedicated to fixing my squat form, recovering, and relaxing.
As far as the vacation goes it was awesome. Great time with the girlfriend and everyone else on the team. I love the community of powerlifting. Chris vickery is a man amongst boys. Beach was gorgeous. Besides shattering my toe on some coral and my wallet on the expensive food, the cayman islands treated me very well. Lots of pics to follow.






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Sumo and Conventional DL

November 9, 2011 Leave a comment

The sumo is from last friday, and the conventional is from tuesday. Squatted on monday in between the two. I’ve been trying to get my back as tight as possible on sumo before I go. Here is 495×3 sumo:


Here is 484×5 conventional off 1 mat.

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State meet/new lifting songs/DL vid

November 7, 2011 Leave a comment

This weekend I was in Dalton helping out with the state meet. I was spotting and loading (the worst job in the world, but you gotta give back to the sport) on Saturday. Sunday morning, I took the practical part of the state ref test during the girls session which consisted of siting with a judge and making the call (good lift or bad lift) and comparing that to what they thought. I only missed two out of like 130 fortunately. Sunday afternoon, I was coaching Mark. He hit a PR squat of 672 at 220. He almost hit a meet PR DL for the win (assuming Dale didn’t lower his third upon mark making it) but he kind of got shafted by the judges. I’ll put the video on here and let you decide. Saturday when I was taking a short break from spotting and loading I got this video of AC from squatting. This guy is the most intense lifter I’ve ever seen I think. I went back in the warm up room after and I’m pretty sure he was crying from the adrenaline. It was the manliest cry I’ve ever seen.


Here is Marks Meet Vid. 672 squat. 452 bench, with a miss at 469. Only hit 523 on DL bc he passed on his second and missed his third.


This is Dale who beat Mark, also a lifter from Quest:

Skrillex- “First of the year” I don’t really like the dubstep part but the intro is awesome. The video is weeeird


Pretty Lights- “I know the truth” Same with this song.. I’m more all about the beginning. This was ACs walkout song as you hear in his vid.

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A look at the DL form

November 2, 2011 Leave a comment

This is from wednesday, 484×4 off a 1 mat deficit. I exhibit both the right way and the wrong way to DL. The first rep is, in my opinion, pretty decent. Back stays flat, chest up, and hips are brought thru at the end. By the fourth rep, the back is rounding, chest is dipping, and the hips rise before the bar does.


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Monday Bench/speed squatz

October 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Today I hit 315×7 on benchy. This was the goal weight for the 8’s all along, unfortunately I just don’t have 8 in me at this point. Anyways, I’ll post the video later in the week. Today, I leave you with the some of the most epic/offensive/true quotes of all times in reference to powerlifting…. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Mark Rippetoe:

“Stop wasting time worrying about barbell rows and get your deadlift up to 500. By then you’ll have your own opinion and you won’t have to worry about mine.”

“Never ask a question that you may not be prepared to have answered. ”

“Testosterone levels peak in our mid-twenties, hold relatively steady for another decade, and then begin to fall like women’s clothes at the kinds of parties we don’t get invited to any more.”

Here’s the rest if any of that peaked your interest::



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551×3 savannah

October 30, 2011 Leave a comment

We went to cohens gym Friday. The bars at the globo gym in Athens were too fat and had no knurling. Had a pretty solid DL workout. John was telling me my back has been getting loose lately so I focused on tightening up and it felt pretty crisp. We still don’t have Internet and my iPhone won’t let me embed so here’s the link

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No intrawebz

October 28, 2011 Leave a comment

We haven’t had internet at our house going on almost two weeks now so I’ve been slack on posting. Here is 535×4 extra wide stance off a 1 mat deficit from 6 days ago.


 I’m currently in Savannah visiting John and Dorris.  I rode down yesterday and we went straight from athens to savannah in under 4 hours, didn’t stop once. Got here, and was at the globo gym with John within like 45 minutes. I was supposed to squat 485×5 in wraps. Anyways, the plates they had were absolutely and unneccesarily huge, and they didn’t have 35’s, so you literally couldn’t fit four 45’s, one 25, one 10, and one 5 on the bar to make 485, so I ended up just squatting 495 bc you could fit five 45s on there. The squats were actually atrocious, and this camera angle makes them look even worse. I’ll post the bad along with the good though once I get them uploaded. Funny thing about working out in a globo gym is that, although these were high, ugly, slow generally beta in everyway, there… it is a feat of excellence. Some old dude walked up to me after the squat grinning ear to ear and shook my hand. Seriously. This is in stark contrast to the beating I would have received at quest for these squats.

I have officially signed up for the arnold. Right now there’s only one person signed up in my weight class, a Brazilian. I have heard Luis Tapia from Puerto Rico is doing it also and that guy has a monster squat. I believe he did 755 at their nationals. The Full Roster will be out November 30th or whenever it fills up, whichever comes first. I’m mad stoked for this meet, just becuase the atmosphere surrounding the arnold is unbeatable from what I’ve heard.

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